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What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of the Colombian Jungle with a pound of the finest flavoured smoke you’ve ever tasted? Well, you infuse it with coconut oil buy some dark chocolate pick some fruit and start mixing up desserts that's what! 

That’s what happened to me late last year I’m not going to say exactly where I have been in Colombia just that during Reagan’s war on drugs in the 80’s this particular strain was supposed to have been eradicated, but no matter what happened back then or in Avatar mother nature will always be stronger than mankind and will out win every time. 

Organic in nature and incredibly clean to smoke, I was eager to sample the effects of this strain on the digestive system. So I started infusing! It’s incredibly difficult cooking with weed, you have to be very aware of temperature at all times 2 or 3 degrees is the difference between getting high or wasting good quality bud, unlike olive oil, which in my opinion is better for cooking savoury dishes, coconut oil has a lighter texture and adds to the flavour of the dessert as opposed to overpowering it and as long as you’re using a quality product the medicinal benefits are doubled when infused with weed. And then you add chocolate.

Chocolate increases the effects of the cannabis while increasing and prolonging the presence of our own endogenous cannabinoid Anandamide, (taken from the Hindi word Ananda which means joy bliss and delight). Could this also mean that the medicinal qualities of cannabis are actually raised when taken with chocolate and vice versa? Now I’m not going to get all scientific on ya’ll here if you want to know more that’s up to you to go research if you so wish but I’m all in any way.

So we have fresh organic Colombian bud, virgin coconut oil and chocolate each ingredient containing their own unique medicinal benefits, blended together in tasty deliciousness increasing the effects for a prolonged blissed out experience. Add Guanabana (soursop), bananas, a hand full of strawberries, milk and a blender, you've a simple dessert that not only tastes delicious is full of nutrients, but it also gets you so high that coming down doesn’t feel like an option. 

I’ve never seen people genuinely that high before, maybe its because I’ve worked festivals for years that I’ve become a little jaded, but seeing such a large group of different social & racial backgrounds respond in such a profound and positive way was truly inspiring! As cheesy as it may sound laughter really is the best medicine & there was a whole lot of laughter. How can something so delicious be so damn good for you and not a grain of sugar in sight.

How did I serve the dessert??

Mix the guananbana & bananas in the blender, adding enough milk, so your mixture is like a smooth pudding it should never be runny, add more fruit if it is put portions in the freezer for at least an hour. 

Melt some chocolate add infused coconut oil. 

Pour hot chocolate over frozen dessert (the chocolate will solidify almost instantly) serve with strawberries dipped or not in chocolate it all depends on how high you wanna get? 

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