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Battling with Biters 3

The Ginger One

I once met a guy when I lived on the Pacific Coast here in Colombia, I need you to picture the scene; jungle behind you, your standing on black sand staring at the crystal clear Pacific Ocean now I don’t want to bring looks into things but again I need you to picture the scene. He is under 6 foot but over 5’9 white I mean lilly white or blanco as they say here with you guessed it bright orange hair, a kind of unfortunate stereotype, a man clearly still dealing with issues from his childhood, he constantly needed to be in control of the conversation & spoke at length about how many jungles he had explored and how he never uses repellent but yet his bites were bigger than my bites blah blah blah a man child in the jungle, we got into quite a debate about his irresponsibility or what I perceived to be his irresponsibility because he got off on dancing with death, strolling in a Dengue infested area without any repellent however toxic is in my opinion a foolish man’s move in his opinion he was choosing to take this risk because it was his choice. Fair enough! Each to their own! Still foolish!

He also never had the Yellow Fever Vaccine but you know full well that if he were to contract any of these diseases he would expect the best level of care possible, as we all would BUT some of us whether we believe in vaccines or not put our personal pride before the safety of both ourselves and others.

Now if you feel that strongly about having to wear toxic chemicals on your skin to keep away killer diseases which I do, as mentioned in an earlier post I am looking for natural alternatives of which this douche had not & would not consider. It’s a strange mindset, one that has total, absolute fascination with extreme nature but still carries such a high level of ignorance that mother nature may well make him pay one day. Westerners eh!? If there is one thing I have learned about living in the jungle, it’s respect her AT ALL TIMES!

As I said before if you don't want to continuously use toxic chemicals on your skin look for your own solution that involves more than just rolling bare back. Speak to locals about what they use and how they combat reactions & disease’s and especially what they use to repel insects chances are they will know of a local herbs etc that you can then use and include in your armoury. Never underestimate the locals!

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