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One of the reasons I love spending time in the tropics is to indulge my love of food, preferably fresh food I could eat all day! I’m not about to get judgemental on anyone, I’ve no place, I’ve been known to find myself standing at the counter of McDonolds having no idea how I got there as I hadn't even been thinking about Maccie D's, I'd be there ordering then devouring a double cheeseburger this can happen at any given time of day or night, I managed to gain some control as it used to be a double quarter pounder & cheese I'd order then I had to have a word with myself it is McDonolds after all!

So I concluded that not only was a double cheeseburger less Mc’ds than a double quarter pounder and therefore not ‘as’ bad! It was also way to tempting having all those double arches staring back at me at every turn I made in Europe, I didn’t realise what I was doing half the time but still questioning every bite it was like being hypnotised by an unknown force dragging me through the doors to the awaiting display of all that “food” Fortunately for my insides I haven’t eaten a double cheeseburger in a while and I haven't believed Mc’ds to be food in years!

Here in a major Latin American capital city and around Colombia also I might add, you are hard pressed to find a Mc’ds more likely to find a Mc’d’s ice cream parlour tucked away somewhere in a dark corner (stuff for them) than a “restaurant” It’s a welcome relief not turning around every other corner and seeing the golden arches as has become the case in other cities, it’s expensive here anyway and there is way way too much cheaper fresher tastier food available on every corner to waste money on filth! Fresh fruit juices are the norm and they're seriously deliciously simple juices!

(Big words, let’s see how strong I am when I get back to Europe!)

That’s not to say that all Colombian food is super healthy; it’s not, a lot of street food is deep fried and or contains a shocking amount of sugar, it’s the produce and ingredients that are so fresh that makes the difference in my opinion because the Colombians generally love their food, although I have yet to find somewhere selling fresh milk!

As well as arepas, emapandas, jugos, chicklets, single cigarettes, single servings of cheese with caramel inside & mobile phone minutes amongst other things you can also buy on the street corners in this wonderful Country, avocados, mangos, pineapple, papaya, coconuts, cherries, more fruit & veg I‘ve never heard of; want a yellow cauliflower, it’s right there, but not in an obnoxious West Coast American type of way it’s just there because it’s food and amazingly colourful tasty food at that. To my knowledge most of the Colombian produce is grown right here all except apples so I’m told which are imported in from Peru (?) and every time I’ve eaten one it’s been a disappointing experience soft & mushy even after putting them in the fridge! Ahh, well, you can’t have everything but a disappointing apple is upsetting!

I will be adding some juice recipes to this blog in the near future that unfortunately will probably not include apples.

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